Europe must maintain its leading position in the provision of space data and services, Stoycheva also told the EU Competitiveness Council in section Space

Bulgaria views the space sector as a strategic asset that contributes to the development of new markets and business opportunities for the industry, including small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups. This was stated by the Minister of Innovation and Growth Milena Stoycheva at the informal Council on Competitiveness of the European Union in the “Space” section. At the meeting, EU space ministers discussed space strategic autonomy and sustainability. The European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, the Director General for Defense Industry and Space at the European Commission, Timo Pesonen, and the Director General of the European Space Agency, Josef Aschbacher, also took part in the debate. Part of the Bulgarian delegation in Spain is also the Deputy Minister of Innovation and Growth Prof. George Angelov.

“Europe must maintain its leading position in the provision of space data and services. In order to have sustainability in the space sector, the EU must work to strengthen its space programs and create mechanisms to promote a successful European space industry,” the Minister of Innovation and Growth also said. European space programs are key to ensuring Europe’s industrial and strategic independence, as they contribute to solutions to societal challenges and global problems.

“Bulgaria considers coordinated European action to ensure access to critical space technologies and address shortages in the supply chains of key components or materials to be important,” emphasized Minister Stoycheva.

Bulgaria supports actions to find a unified approach in the EU and the Member States for the management of space traffic, promoting efficient access to space by protecting the current launch vehicles and developing new launch systems. “This will ensure sustainability and continuous technological progress,” Stoycheva also stated.

In her words, the policy of free, full and open provision of data must be maintained to ensure the user-oriented nature of the space program and preserve the potential for commercial exploitation.

Minister Stoycheva also said that ensuring interaction between the various space programs, as well as coherence with the EU’s Horizon Europe Research Framework Program and other related EU policies, will significantly support the use of data and access to a wide range of users, including of small and medium-sized enterprises outside the space sector.

“We consider it important to continue efforts to build and strengthen the capacity to participate in the space program and in all member states, with an increased emphasis on start-ups and innovative companies,” said the Minister of Innovation and Growth.

In the lead photo: Minister of Innovation and Growth Milena Stoycheva and Minister of Science and Innovation of Spain Diana Morant Ripoll