The newly elected Minister of Innovation and Growth Rosen Karadimov accepted the post from Milena Stoicheva during an official ceremony in the ministry.

“The main task of the Provisional Government is the elections. We will develop what has been done so far in order to keep the systems in the state in condition until the next regular government comes,” Minister Karadimov said.

According to him, everything invested in the Ministry of Innovation and Growth will be upgraded. Minister Karadimov said he will count on Stoycheva professionally. “Our advantage is that we have worked together, as far as the Bulgarian Development Bank is within the Ministry,” Karadimov also said.

“The main task in the Ministry of Innovation and Growth is to create opportunities for investment in innovation and attracting strategic investors. I am handing over the post with a sense of trust and optimism, because I think that Mr. Karadimov shares the vision and will continue the previous work,” said Milena Stoycheva.