The Minister of Innovation and Growth participates in a forum of Europe Startup Nations Alliance within the framework of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the EU

Cooperation between Bulgaria and Spain in the field of innovation, the promotion of investments in high-tech sectors and the development of start-up and fast-growing companies was discussed by the Minister of Innovation and Growth Milena Stoycheva and the Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence of Spain Carme Artigas at a working meeting in the Spanish city of Leon.

Stoycheva and Artigas commented on the increasing role of the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem in both countries and the regulations related to their development and activities in Europe. Emphasis in the conversation was also placed on the introduction of artificial intelligence and the upcoming international conference that the Ministry of Innovation and Growth will organize in Sofia on the subject. The Minister of Innovation emphasized the importance and role of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence INSAIT in Sofia and the Discoverer supercomputer for the region and Europe, as well as the talents in our country.

Minister Stoycheva presented the opportunities for investments in Bulgaria, as well as financial instruments to support investors

“Our goal is to rebrand Bulgaria and turn it into an innovation hub for Southeast Europe,” she added. The Minister of Innovation stated that the scientific and development activity in our country is well developed. Stoycheva presented the Ministry’s vision for supporting the interaction between science and business in Bulgaria through the Program for Scientific Research, Innovation and Digitization for Smart Transformation, which the Ministry will manage in the current program period until 2027.

“Innovations are a horizontal activity that covers all sectors and affects all interested parties, and education is extremely important and at the basis of creating innovations,” Stoycheva said. She said that the Ministry of Innovation and Growth works closely with the Ministry of Education and Science, as well as with other institutions to create a basis for the development of high-tech startups.

For his part, Artigas stated that the vision and goals of Minister Stoycheva are extremely important for the development of innovations at the European level. She drew attention to regulations for the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem in Europe, as well as legislation regarding the control of the use of artificial intelligence.

After the meeting, Minister Stoycheva participated in a forum of the Europe Startup Nations Alliance (ESNA).

“The Ministry of Innovation and Growth supports and encourages entrepreneurs and startups to lead and develop Bulgaria’s innovation and digital transformation,” Stoycheva said at the event.

According to her, Europe has capacity both in industry and in scientific and development activities. “We have potential and if we work according to the model of open innovation together with all interested parties, we can create the European model for creating innovations”, commented Minister Stoycheva.

She also presented her vision for creating a network of innovation valleys in Europe, through which to increase the competitiveness of the continent.

During the forum, a Declaration on the EU’s approach to start-ups was adopted. Its highlights include ensuring centralized coordination of the EU strategy for start-ups, promoting discussions on creating a comprehensive EU framework to support start-ups, making connections with ecosystems from other regions of the world, etc.