The entrepreneurial ecosystem will position Bulgaria as a place for investments in deep technologies. It should be a leader in the presentation of our country as an attractive destination for the creation and development of innovations. This was stated by the Minister of Innovation and Growth, Milena Stoycheva, at a conference on investments, entrepreneurs, startups and technological development in Bucharest.

“It is extremely important to create connections with other participants and stakeholders in the region, to form strategic partnerships in the field of innovation and their development and creation, so that we can increase the competitiveness of the economies of our countries and of Europe as a continent”, Minister Stoycheva said during the conference.

She emphasized that Bulgaria can be a center for innovation because of its strategic geographical location, increased investment interest and a very well-developed entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“Bulgaria is experiencing stable economic growth and is actively pursuing digital transformation. In the Ministry of Innovation and Growth, we are working to attract foreign investments and support entrepreneurship,” said Minister Stoycheva. According to her, Bulgaria plays an important role in regional cooperation in the Balkans and in Eastern Europe.

“Bulgaria is in third place in Southeast Europe in terms of the number of start-up companies and in second place as an attractive destination for opening start-up offices,” the Minister of Innovation and Growth also said.