The Minister of Innovation and Growth Milena Stoycheva and the Ambassador of Mongolia H.E. Sayanaa Lkhagvarusen discussed the possibilities for the development of bilateral economic relations and for cooperation in the field of innovation, education, as well as investments.

“Information technologies are a key area for the economic development of the countries and we must focus on them in our bilateral relations,” said Minister Stoycheva. She added that Bulgaria has excellent traditions in education and can provide good training opportunities for students from Mongolia. The Minister of Innovation and Growth said that digitization and innovation in education are our priority. Stoycheva also pointed out that the Ministry of Innovation and Growth concluded a Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence with Intel. “The agreement with Intel will also contribute to the digital transformation of the automotive, agricultural and other sectors,” the minister added.

“Mongolia and Bulgaria have long-standing friendly relations and excellent cooperation dating back decades. We have students in Bulgarian universities who study disciplines in the fields of agriculture, medicine, and arts,” said H. E. Sayanaa Lkhagvarusen.