Cooperation in the field of innovation, entrepreneurship and startups was discussed today at a working meeting by the Minister of Innovation and Growth, Milena Stoycheva, and the Regional Minister of Innovation, Industry, Trade and Tourism in the Valencia Region, Nuria Montes de Diego. It was also attended by the Deputy Minister of Innovation and Growth, Prof. George Angelov, the Secretary of Innovation of the Autonomous Region, Jeronimo Pascual, and our Consul General in Valencia, Nadia Krasteva.

„By supporting and promoting the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem, every country invests in the development and future of its economy. Therefore, among the main priorities of the Ministry of Innovation and Growth is the creation of a favorable environment for its development,“ said Minister Stoycheva.

According to her, our country has a well-built infrastructure for creating innovations, and the focus of the Bulgarian government is attracting high-tech investments.

Stoycheva and Montes de Diego also discussed the development of innovations in the field of healthcare, bioeconomy and food, culture and creative industries. The Minister of Innovation in Valencia stated that the automotive, agricultural and food sectors in the region are very well developed.

“Our goal is to turn Bulgaria into an innovation hub for South-Eastern Europe and in this way to increase the competitiveness of the country and of Europe as a whole,” said Minister Stoycheva.

According to her, in the previous program period, Centers of Excellence and Centers of Competence were built in our country, in which a significant resource will be invested for upgrading and development during the current one. “Innovations are created on the basis of scientific and development activity. “The Ministry of Innovation and Growth works in cooperation with the universities and the entire academic community, as well as with the Ministry of Education and Science,” said Stoycheva.

During the work meeting, Minister Stoycheva and the Regional Minister of Innovation in the Valencia region drew up steps to strengthen cooperation between Sofia and the Valencia region in the field of innovation.

The Minister of Innovation and Growth also presented the financial instruments available in the Ministry of Innovation and Growth, as well as the structures of the department – the Bulgarian Investment Agency, the Fund of Funds, the Bulgarian Development Bank and the Executive Agency for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises. Deputy Minister Prof. Angelov emphasized the sectors of microelectronics and mechatronics.

He later visited the Center for Social and Urban Innovation in the city of Las Naves. It promotes urban and social innovation, and at the core of its activity is the direct or indirect improvement of people’s quality of life in a way that is not yet known or not applied in practice. Prof. Angelov also got acquainted with the work of the accelerator and incubator for startups Lanzadera, which is managed by the startup companies that work hand in hand with the entrepreneurs.