The Minister of Innovation and Growth presents Bulgaria’s position to the Council of the European Union on Competitiveness in the Space section

The Minister of Innovation and Growth Milena Stoycheva and the European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth Iliana Ivanova discussed the initiative to turn Bulgaria into an innovation hub for Southeast Europe at a working meeting in Brussels. Later today, Minister Stoycheva will participate in the regular meeting of the Council of the European Union on Competitiveness (internal market, industry, scientific research and outer space) in the “Space” section.

Minister Stoycheva and European Commissioner Ivanova also discussed the development of innovation valleys in the country. “The innovation valleys in Varna and Plovdiv are gaining momentum. The creation of a hydrogen valley in Stara Zagora, around which an ecosystem for the development of innovations and a green transition, will also be developed. If we unite the innovation valleys in a hub together with others from the neighboring countries and create opportunities for cooperation in new sectors and deep technologies in the region, we will increase the competitiveness of South-East Europe through new technologies, centers for experimentation and training and developing talents,” Stoycheva said.

Iliana Ivanova emphasized that the leading priority is the positioning of Bulgaria as a destination for the creation of innovations and high technologies and the development of talents.

Minister Stoycheva explained that she is preparing the establishment of an Innovation Board, which will include all interested parties with the aim of sustainability of the innovation ecosystem.

The two discussed further steps for the creation of a center for culture and creative industries in Bulgaria, which would allow businesses and all participants in the ecosystem to develop their capacity and include technologies to increase their competitiveness. “This is another step that will promote talents in our country. Culture and creative industries can be a sector that makes a significant contribution to the economy through innovation and an entrepreneurial approach,” said Stoycheva.