The Minister of Innovation and Growth Milena Stoicheva and the Director General for Education, Youth, Sports and Culture in the European Commission Pia Hansen discussed the development of innovations in education in the European Union. At the meeting in Brussels, the two confirmed that they will further cooperate in the field of creative industries, culture and support of scientific and development activities as a basis for creating innovations with high added value.

“One of the priorities of the Ministry of Innovation and Growth and the government is to work for the development and increase of the potential of Bulgarian universities. They are the ones that build the foundation for research-based innovation. Our task is to promote the process and support their commercialization in business,” Minister Stoicheva said during the meeting.

According to her, through investment in innovation and its development, Europe will increase its competitiveness on the global market. “We have the will to make a change, to turn the focus to attracting more and more young and educated people to develop their ideas in Europe,” Stoycheva also said.

She pointed out that Bulgaria has long been no longer a destination for outsourcing and low-paid labor, but a place where qualified and educated people develop and work. “Bulgaria is in third place in the world in terms of IT specialists per capita. This is an extremely well-developed sector in our country,” the minister added. Stoycheva stated that the automotive sector, microelectronics, mechatronics, software engineering, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, cultural and creative industries also have potential for development in our country.

Director General Pia Hansen emphasized that she is impressed by the work of MIR and looks forward to future cooperation between the two institutions.

Earlier in the day, the Minister of Innovation and Growth participated in a meeting of the facilitators of innovation in higher education in Europe.

During the discussion, Minister Stoicheva emphasized that education is a key factor in the development of innovation, and scientific research can be at the center of economic growth. “We as a community, as stakeholders for Europe’s progress on a global scale, must invest first in quality education and then in the development of innovation,” the minister said. She emphasized that MIR has both the vision and the resources to support new technologies, key industries, entrepreneurs, startups and investments.