The Deputy Minister of Innovation and Growth Prof. Dr. Georgi Angelov welcomed an international delegation from the Argentine Republic to the Ministry. The meeting was attended by Claudio Rosenzweig, Deputy Secretary for Foreign Policy Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Religions of Argentina, the Ambassador of Argentina to Bulgaria H.E. Alfredo N. Atanasoff and Minister Plenipotentiary at the Embassy Daniel Cottini.

On behalf of the Ministry of Innovation and Growth in the meeting took part the director of the “Policies and Analyses” Directorate Mira Yosifova and experts from the Ministry.

The focus of the meeting were the possibilities for future cooperation between the two ministries in the field of hydrogen technologies and the possibility of Bulgarian companies working in Argentina in the field of renewable energy sources. “We have a good foundation on which we can build cooperation between Bulgaria and Argentina”, said Deputy Minister Prof. Dr. Angelov.

The director of the “Policies and Analyses” Directorate introduced the Argentine delegation to the strategic goals of the National Road Map for Hydrogen Technologies – the use of green hydrogen for the decarbonization of the country’s economy, as well as capacity development at the national level. As a concrete measure, an example was given with the pilot project for the construction of a hydrogen valley in the Stara Zagora region with a total value of 30 million euros, of which 8 million euros will be financed by the Ministry of Innovation and Growth under the “Research, Innovation and Digitalisation for Smart Transformation” Programme 2021-2027. The goal is for Bulgaria to be among the first countries with hydrogen valleys.

The Deputy Secretary for Foreign Policy Affairs Claudio Rosenzweig raised the issue of Bulgarian legislation in this area. “One of the main tasks of the National Road Map is precisely to develop such legislation”, Yosifova pointed out. The representatives of the delegation of Argentina undertook to present to the Ministry their expertise in the field.