3264 Extension of the term of an issued sertificate for a high-tech and/or innovative project, StartUp Visa

Information about the administrative service

3264 Extension of the term of an issued certificate for a high-tech and/or innovative project, StartUp Visa

  • Description of the administrative service:

The StartUp visa is a certificate for a high-tech and/or innovative project. It is important to note that the certificate is not a standard type of visa for residence in Bulgaria, but only one of the possible documents that could be an advantage for issuing a residence permit in the country to foreigners who want to develop an innovative or high-tech company in Bulgaria. The candidates will be passing statutory checks by the relevant authorities.

The administrative service consists of issuing, extending and revoking a certificate for a high-tech and/or innovative project, called StartUp visa. The certificate is granted to foreign nationals, offering high-tech and/or innovative activities, products and/or services, which is intended to make Bulgaria a centre of attraction for foreigners to start innovative businesses, to establish companies or invest in existing companies using new technologies and research and development activities. That will also lead to a larger and better entrepreneurial community in the country. The certificate is one of the documents taken into account by the competent authorities for granting long-term residence permits.

  • Administrative Service Department and/or units that contact users/candidates and provide administrative services:

Administrative units, where the documents will be submitted and information on the progress of the case is obtained:

Directorate „Economic Growth Instruments“

Address: 1000 Sofia, district Sredetz , 12 Knyaz Alexander I  12 str.

Dailing code: 02

Contact telephone: + 359 2 8075 393

E-mail: startupvisa@mig.gov.bg

Working hours: Standard working hours, from 09:00 – 17:30, without interruption

According to art. 29, para. 4 of the Administrative Regulations of the Ministry of Innovation and Growth, the working hours of the administrative units that provide administrative services to citizens are from 09:00 to 17:30. The working hours of the Administrative Service Department are from 09:00 to 17:30 on weekdays without interruption. Telephones to contact the Administrative Service Department are priced at one city call, according to the caller’s rate.

  • Issuing Authority:

Minister of Innovation and Growth

  • Requirements, procedures, instructions:

Foreign citizens from countries outside the EU who have received a certificate for a high-tech and/or innovative project "StartUp Visa" have the opportunity to extend the term of the certificate by an additional two years.

Within one month before the expiration of the certificate, a report on the work performed on the project is submitted to the National Investment Management System, which is reviewed by a Council of Expert within 30 days of its receipt.

The Council of Experts presents a motivated proposal for extension or refusal of extension to the Minister of Innovation and Growth.

The Minister of Innovation and Growth decides on the report with a decision to extend or refuse an extension.

  • Duration of the procedure: between 30 to 74 days
  • How to request the service: https://enims.egov.bg/en
  • Validity period:
    The certificate is extended for another 2 years.
  • The service is free.
  • Order and time limits to appeal:
    Decisions of the Minister shall be published within 7 days of their issuance and may be appealed under the Code of Administrative Procedure (CAP)
  • How to receive the result of the procedure:

Through a licensed postal operator at the address specified by the applicant; as domestic registered mail; as an internal courier shipment; as international registered mail; personally by the Administrative Service Department at the competent authority; electronically to an e-mail address.

Министерство на иновациите и растежа на Република България

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