3263 Issuance of a sertificate for a high-tech and/or innovative project, StartUp Visa

Information on service provision

3263  Issuance of a certificate for a high-tech and/or innovative project, StartUp Visa

  • Description of the administrative service:

The StartUp Visa certificate is an official document, which grants an opportunity for issuing a long-term residence permit to foreigners (outside the EU) willing to develop an innovative or high-tech business in our country.

In implementation of the Ordinance on the terms and conditions for issuing, extending and revoking a certificate for a high-tech and/or innovative project called "Startup visa", the Ministry of Innovation and Growth has launched the provision of the following administrative service - 3263 Issuance of a Certificate for a high-tech and/or innovative project ("Startup visa"). The certificate is granted, based on an approved application, to foreign citizens who are willing to start and develop an innovative and/or high-tech business in the Republic of Bulgaria. This aims to make Bulgaria an attractive destination for innovative businesses focusing on high-tech and R&D activities, leading to the betterment of the entrepreneurial community in the country.

  • Administrative Service Department and/or units that contact users/candidates and provide administrative services:

Administrative units, where the documents will be submitted and information on the progress of the case is obtained:

Directorate „Economic Growth Instruments“

Address: 1000 Sofia, district Sredetz , 12 Knyaz Alexander I  12 str.

Dailing code: 02

Contact telephone: + 359 2 8075 393

E-mail: startupvisa@mig.gov.bg

Apply here: https://enims.egov.bg/en

Working hours: Standard working hours, from 09:00 – 17:30, without interruption

According to art. 29, para. 4 of the Administrative Regulations of the Ministry of Innovation and Growth, the working hours of the administrative units that provide administrative services to citizens are from 09:00 to 17:30. The working hours of the Administrative Service Department are from 09:00 to 17:30 on weekdays without interruption. Telephones to contact the Administrative Service Department are priced at one city call, according to the caller’s rate.

  • Issuing Authority:

Minister of Innovation and Growth

  • Requirements, procedures, instructions:

Review and evaluation of the application and supporting documents:

  1. basic information about the applicant:
  • name;
  • type and number of an identity document;
  • country of origin;
  • permanent or current address;
  • telephone number; email;
  • education;
  1. basic information about the company: name, company registration number - UIC or equivalent, headquarters and country in which the company is registered, if applicable;
  2. basic information about the high-tech and/or innovative project:
  • title/name;
  • presentation of the activity, product and/or service;
  • financial calculations/analyses and forecasts for the approximate amount of production and for the growth of income and expenses for the next 3 years from the date of submission of the application;
  • market analysis, sales, customers and partnerships;
  • information on human resources.

The attachments to the application are:

  1. a copy of the identity document with the photo and personal data of the applicant;
  2. business plan and presentation of the project;
  3. a document for a valid patent for an invention or a valid certificate of registration of a utility model for the EU, the USA or member states of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, in connection with the project, if applicable;
  4. an investment contract with a specialized international equity and risk investment fund for no less than BGN 100,000, as well as a recommendation issued by the relevant fund for the applicant's contribution to the project, if applicable;
  5. contract or letter of intent for investment from a fund for equity and risk investing in the Republic of Bulgaria for no less than BGN 100,000, if applicable;
  6. project quality certificate (Seal of Excellence) under the Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe programs, if applicable;
  7. proof that the project has been awarded at a specialized competition or competition in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship organized by the European Commission or the European Space Agency, if applicable;
  8. proof of at least two published scientific articles in the upper quartiles Q1 or Q2 in the international databases Scopus or Web of Science, if applicable;
  9. a document for a completed degree of education, if applicable;
  10. bank or equivalent document certifying the availability of personal funds of the applicant for at least 30 consecutive days before the date of the application, covering the amount of at least three minimum wages in the Republic of Bulgaria;
  11. information on realized sales related to the activity, product or service, proven by contracts, expense justification documents and bank statements for a minimum of BGN 100,000 for the last two years, if applicable;
  12. letters of intent or partnership agreements with Bulgarian partners, if applicable.
  • Duration of the procedure: 30 days after submitting the application.
  • How to request the service: https://enims.egov.bg/en
  • Validity period: the certificate is issued for a period of 1 year.
  • The service is free of charge.
  • Order and time limits to appeal:
    Decisions of the Minister will be published within 7 days of their issuance and may be appealed under the Code of Administrative Procedure (CAP)
  • How to receive the result of the procedure:

Through a licensed postal operator at the address specified by the applicant; as domestic registered mail; as an internal courier shipment; as international registered mail; personally by the Administrative Service Department at the competent authority; electronically to an e-mail address

Министерство на иновациите и растежа на Република България

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