2133 Issuance of a retirement-age certificate (УП 3)

Information on service provision

  • 2133 Issuance of a retirement-age certificate (УП 3)

The length of service of employees whose service or employment relationship has already been terminated shall be established, in addition to the data provided from time to time by the insurer to the National Revenue Agency or by the employment, service and insurance record book, by a document on an approved model (УП 3) issued by the insurer.

  • Regulatory framework:

Social Security Code (Title amended - SG/67 of 2003) - Article 5, paragraph 7

Ordinance on pensions and insurance periods - Article 40, paragraph 2

Law on Administration - §. 1, item 2, letter c

  • Authority for the provision of the administrative service:

Secretary General

  • Deadline:

14 days

  • Duration of the document/individual administrative act:


  • Body before which an individual administrative act is appealed:

Minister for Innovation and Growth

  • E-mail address for suggestions:


Administrative service centre and/or units that contact users and provide administrative services

  • Administrative units where documents are submitted and information on the progress of the case is obtained:

Administrative and Information Services Directorate

Address: Sofia, Sredets district, 12 Knyaz Alexander I Str.
Long distance dialing code: 02
Contact phone: (02)8075381
E-mail address: docs@mig.government.bg

Office hours: standard office hours, from 9 am to 5.30 pm, with no breaks

According to Article 29, paragraph 4 of the Rules of Procedure of the Ministry of Innovation and Growth, the working hours of the administrative units that provide administrative services to citizens are from 9 am to 5.30 pm. The office hours of the Administrative Service Centre for Citizens shall be from 9 am to 5.30 pm on weekdays without interruption. Telephones to contact the Administrative Service Centre are at the cost of a city call, according to the dialer’s tariff.

  • Requesting the service

Required documents are to be submitted to the Ministry of Innovation and Growth / copy of employment record, copy of service record and/or other documents certifying the length of service (the retirement-age service)/

  • Implementation of the service

A retirement-age certificate is issued

There is no fee for the service


Министерство на иновациите и растежа на Република България

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